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How To Make Your Dream Of Attending Paris Fashion Week Come True.

Step 1. Contact Us We are booking right now for Paris Fashion Week 2020! We have very few spots left. Experience five nights in a luxury hotel, couture fashion tours, fashion shows, boutique insider shopping, personal stylist on call, and a farewell dinner in an iconic Parisian restaurant.    Step 2. Dream Comes True And they all lived happily ever after. The end.   

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Hanger Appeal

My phone rang around noon last Saturday… “Hello”, I answered. “Hey. Willie-M, are you home?” The voice on the other end asked me. “Yes, I am here, everything ok?” I answered. It was my niece on the line. "All good, can I stop by? I am bringing you lunch.” "Sure, thanks!” She showed up an hour later with lunch and a hanging suit bag. I didn't ask, but I knew what she wanted. I served some chilled white wine and had lunch as we caught up with our busy life stories. After a while of sipping wine and chatting, I could no longer wait. “So…what's in the bag?” “Oh Tio, I just bought this romper and I need your opinion." “Ok, I'm all eyes”, I told her.  She unzipped the bag, pulled out...

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